When Conspiracy Theory Becomes Real Thanks To Leon Brittan…

I’m fascinated and repulsed by conspiracy theories in equal amounts. So when Leon Brittan’s name was finally mentioned in regards a rape allegation from 1967 & a cover-up of institutional child abuse by very powerful paedophile groups, it’s broken a silence bout some very, very old rumours, and in looking back at these rumours it’s thrown me down a very unpleasant rabbit hole.

I first read rumours of something many, many moons ago in Private Eye, who delighted in having a go at Leon Brittan who was a pretty vile man in a pretty vile government.


The essence of the allegations that have surrounded Brittan are now surely well known to anyone with an internet connection, but the splendid investigative news site Exaro, has a full list of articles to explain just what has been bubbling under the surface of the mainstream media for around a year now. I’d recommend following Exaro for news on this as frankly, it’s much better than what you’ll get from the Times or The Guardian, the latter of which has avoided dealing with the story until they had to due to I imagine, there being a number of Lib Dems who are involved with this.

The jist of the story is this: in the 1980’s at the Elm Guest House in South London, there existed a paedophile ring who would abuse young boys procured from care homes, so these kids were poor kids, often with no relatives, or at least no relatives who wanted anything to do with them. The kids would be victims of a number of high profile people from politics (including a member of the IRA), to entertainment to the police. This is as much of the story as I’d known it for a few decades, but over the years it’d passed from hints of a story in Private Eye to full blown conspiracy theory, or at least until recently, I’d written it off as conspiracy theory.

See, what made me dismiss much of the story were the stories of snuff films, exceptionally high level paedophiles including royalty, and of people like Jimmy Savile procuring children for not only the paedophiles of Elm Guest House,  but across the UK.

Then the Savile revelations broke & since then I’ve been following this online, not to mention watching what conspiracy theorists have had to say. Most theorists are, as expected, spinning utter nonsense, but at the weekend I was introduced by a friend online to a man by the name of Bill Maloney, and in watching his videos a few things clicked. Yes, Maloney is, well  sometimes  bit too abrasive for his own good, but unlike many others talking about this subject he’s not wrapping what he’s discussing in racism, party politics or general lunacy like David Icke does.

I suggest  starting off by watching this video. It’s a lengthy discussion of Elm Guest House & in the current climate of past and present ministers saying we should just forget about any accusations, then we should note some of what Maloney discusses.

If you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole, this is another of Maloney’s film about child abuse in Jersey and the Haut de la Garenne children’s home.

This brings Savile back in the story as it’s alleged he abused children in the home itself, not to mention he procured children from there for abusers in the UK. Here’s a picture of Savile with some of the children of Haut de la Garenne.

I knew nothing of this til the recent allegations, but had been told by a friend who grew up in Jersey in the 1980’s that stories were rife of abuse on the island, and there were some exceptionally dodgy people living there on the island. Looking at Maloney’s film it’s easy to see circumstantial evidence of this, especially with the rather creepy statues at the house near the children’s home.

While watching this film and in particular the possibility of at least one snuff film (called The London Tape) being made, I didn’t instantly dismiss it as I would have as a fan of horror films, say, a year ago. I say ‘as a fan of horror films’, because as such, I know snuff films are a myth, or at least, aren’t anything like what people think they are as we know some serial killers have made films of their murders, and of course, the beheading video has come sadly all too common in the post 911 world. Then a memory stirred of watching Newsnight sometime in the 1990’s and watching a piece about possible snuff films being filmed in London with the victims being runaways, or poor kids obtained from care homes. I’ve tried to see if I can find that report, or at least a mention of it anywhere, but I can’t but it must still exist in the BBC archive, as must more archive featuring Geoffrey Dickens, the MP in the 80’s who brought the now ‘missing’ dossier to Leon Brittan.

It would be very easy to simulate what is described by Maloney in the snuff film given the right amount of money, but seeing as apparently customs officials have seen it and thought it real, then if so, it’s not fake, for a minute lets assume it exists and The London Tape is the tip of an iceberg here. That maybe in fact everything being discussed is real, then surely someone at some point will have spoken about such things in the mainstream apart from some 20 year old memory of mine that I’m not sure is even real?

A little research shows that these tapes exist. Here’s a link to an article by the journalist Nick Davies discussing in depressingly horrible details something called The Bjorn Tape. The article also confirms the trade of snuff films in European paedophile circles and this article from The Observer in 2000 discusses how the UK is a key link in the distribution and worryingly, the manufacture of snuff films. The implications of all this are frankly staggering, and the further one goes down the rabbit hole, the worse those implications are as if you had a celebrity using the power that comes from celebrity to gain access to children, and they’re supported by the highest in the land, then we the people need to know the truth behind this.


For years I’ve heard bout a ‘black book’ of stories newspaper editors dare not, or won’t print. It’s now quite clear that the old media have failed us in exposing this, so it’s fell upon new media to pick up the slack and they don’t care about upsetting political allegiances or their mates in showbiz.

Our elected officials have also let us down, and now thanks to the likes of Tom Watson and Simon Danczuck, we’re getting closer to justice being found for the victims, who in among all this are being forgotten by those who are trying to obfuscate or obstruct any investigation for whatever reason. Danczuck rightly says that if it is found that MP’s covered up child abuse, then the damage to democracy will be fatal and he’s right. If that abuse includes killing children then all merry hell is going to break out, and those institutions which have held up the UK are going down.

But as said, in all this let’s remember the kids. These seem to have been mainly poor working class kids, or children from damaged backgrounds, often suffering from mental illness. I’m now thinking of all those times when I’ve read about a kid going missing never to be found (and no, I don’t mean the Madeline McCann case) and am now wondering if they’ve been a victim of these gangs? Thanks to Leon Brittan and his colleagues defending him such as David Mellor, I’m now firmly of the camp that this whole story is no longer something to dismiss as conspiracy theory but something larger, and altogether much more depressing as it’s an abuse of power from people who have seen themselves above the law, and that the poor and vulnerable are there to be preyed upon.

What happens at the end of this is something nobody can predict, but the genie is out the bottle & it’s impossible now to spin this as conspiracy theory Whatever happens though it has to be that the victims, alive and dead, find justice and that the criminals responsible spend the rest of their lives in prison. Whatever is left of The Establishment after that remains to be seen but it’s not going to be the same after this.

11 thoughts on “When Conspiracy Theory Becomes Real Thanks To Leon Brittan…

  1. For years I have read things about various paedophile rings operating within institutions such as Westminster and the bbc, the various coverups and P.I.E, which was essentially a secret society for paedophiles. As this stuff actually comes out as being true, it is shocking but of little surprise to me having read about it all before.

    As a society we seem to have this bias programmed in to us where we hear the phrase “conspiracy theory” and use that as the cue to instantly dismiss whatever it is. They may be ideas yet unproved but that does not mean they are untrue. Few seem interested in exploring these theories and those that do generally have an agenda so tend to attempt to fit their findings around that which makes the whole thing look even more implausible.


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  3. “Better to be thought a Rapist than a Pedarast”? Could be a risky strategy that may explain the recent reports of the alleged Rape of a 19 year old WOMAN in 1967……..?
    It may be the last “Roll of the Dice” for a certain former Tory Minister from Thatchers Government…….
    Probably not I fear, for the MSM (Main Stream Media) will continue to be hit over the head with Super Injunctions & ” D NOTICES” !!!!!
    Now correct me if I’m wrong…….but isn’t the definition of a D Notice ” a REQUEST to withold information where National Security may be threatened?
    My point is this : the difference between a REQUEST and an ORDER bears some scrutiny perhaps?
    When will people realise that the whole Celebrity Paedophile frenzy is merely a diversion to sate the publics thirst for blood….
    The “Powers That Be” (by which I mean the REAL Powers) have used BLACKMAIL to control Government/ Business for as long as anyone can remember………
    It’s simply this decades ago Adultery was enough to get the job done, then Homosexuality followed by ever increasing levels of debauchery (even Murder)!!
    The placement of ” FLAWED PEOPLE ” (with certain weaknesses and or Perversions) into KEY positions within the structure of any Government be it left or right enables COMPLETE CONTROL


  4. The PIE was not a secret society it was out in the open and received support from the NCCL and possibly even Government funding.


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  7. P.I.E received funding by MI5.Why? Who the beep knows, but you know that some devious shit goes down.Also what about Dolphin Square and the North Wales scandal. Or the high ranking Labour officials in charge of Islington council when children where abused. Or the Belgium thing some years ago,or the US.What about the Denmark politician who was being blackmailed by the Turkish secret service as they had video of him abusing a underage boy.Rope,lamp post,hang.


  8. Its about time this can of worms was opened, throughout history people in power have always indulged in their own darker impulses. Remember the house of cards will fall if one of the lower cards falls first There are smaller fish out there who if like Bill Maloney says should be given amnesty and then the whole edifice will come tumbling down. this goes right to the top and i dont just mean government, I mean the very top in this country.


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